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Make The Most Out Of Your Trip To New York

New York City, aka the city that never sleeps, fondly known as the Big Apple, is home to approximately eight million people with the population still expected to rise in the years to come. New York City is touted as the centre of the world maybe because each part of the globe has left an indelible mark in this place. From food to works of art to cultural exhibits to tourist attractions, whatever it is you want your senses to take pleasure in, New York City most probably has it.


Choosing where to stay is one of the most common problems that visitors encounter when setting foot on foreign land. In New York City, however, you need not worry that you won't be provided with the kind of services you expect to receive. If you're the artsy type fond of bohemian living then you'll probably love to stay in New York City's Greenwich Village or downtown Soho. If you're a yuppy and you're attached to your PDA learning about the stock market, then you'll feel right at home in New York City's famous Wall Street. If posh places however are what takes your fancy then take a ride to downtown Manhattan and see for yourself what the Hilton or the Four Seasons Hotel has to offer. Whatever your budget or taste, there will be something to suit you.

Getting Around

There are a wealth of choices when it comes to choosing your mode of transport around the Big Apple. There are 3,700 buses, 714 miles of subway system, and 12,000 limos and yellow taxis, and that's just for starters! Take a helicopter tour or ferry trip, hire a bike, or simply walk around this amazing city - it's based on a grid, so is very easy to find your way around.


There are some 18,000 restaurants in New York, so whether it is French cuisine, Italian pizza and pasta, kimchi, shawarma or something even more exotic that you're looking for, trust me when I say that New York City has everything for every palate!


The hottest places in the U.S. can no doubt be found in New York City. If you're fond of star-gazing and I'm not talking about those that you can find in the sky, then definitely, New York City is the place to be. Go club hopping and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Or why not take in a Broadway show?

Tourist Spots

With so many points of interest to visit in New York City, it's sometimes quite difficult to just know where to start. But of course, we'll try our very best. A visit to New York City wouldn't be complete without touring the following sites:

Empire State and Chrysler Buildings

The Statue of Liberty : take a ferry ride to this gigantic statue, a gift to the United States from the French Government.

Rockefeller Center

Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum

Times Square


No visit to New York would be complete with a bit of retal therapy. Flagship department stores such as Macys (the worlds largest), Bloomingdales and Saks are essential. Art lovers should get over to SoHo, and Greenwich Village is a haven for designer and vintage one-offs.

With all this to take in it's a really good idea to plan your trip and have a good map to hand. You can really make the most of your time in New York by organising a "New York Pass" before you go. Bookable online, this will give you admission (and in some cases, queue jumping privileges!) to over 40 of the top attractions (everything I've already mentioned and loads more). It really saves you money, so you've got more to spend in Bloomingdales!

Admission to over 40 of New York City's best attractions: New York Pass

Now, remember that whilst visiting New York City it is still sensible to take the same safety precautions that you would anywhere else.It's also easy to get lost in NYC so be sure that you always have a map---and a mobile phone preferably--- handy, just in case.

Happy sight-seeing!

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