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10 Ways to Stay Focused on College While Traveling During Winter Break

The Holidays are upon us and the distractions from school are too numerous to count.

From trips back home to skiing on the slopes in the Rockies, or a quick dash over to Vegas to ring in the New Year, there are so many ways to get distracted during winter break. Staying focused on college during winter break can be quite challenging but still remains a very high priority. Here are some ways to stay focused during this festive time of the year:

1. Have Materials on Hand: College courses continue on whether you are ready for them to or not. Make sure you have packed all books and notebooks that will be needed over your winter break. There is nothing worse than having a project due upon your returning to college only to find out that you forgot some of the needed materials at school. Electronic resources like eTextbooks are great tools for the modern day student.

2. Shop Throughout the Year: Shopping for gifts all throughout the year will save you time during your winter break. This should be done throughout the year when you have some free time on hand. Whenever you have purchased your gifts in advance, this will free up the time during your winter break in order for you to focus on college.

3. Organization is Key: Review of all your class schedules, projects that will be due after winter break, any assignments to be completed, and tests that are forthcoming will be priority. Make a detailed list of the items that are due and stick with a schedule to complete them.

4. Prioritize: Visiting, partying, and even resting are all very important. When you are in college however, you have to make room for the workload as well. Strive to make the most important items priority and then set out to complete them.

5. Work then Play: It is always easy to play but not so simple to work. Staying focused during your winter break is challenging, but the good student will set out to complete all work first before the fun begins.

6. No Room for Procrastination: There is little to no room for putting off those papers that need to be written. Studying for tests and completing college projects should be the center of your focus during Winter Break. Get the work done and free up some time for rest, relaxation and fun!

7. Keep in Touch With Classmates: To keep your attention on college during winter break keep in touch with other students. Sharing information about the classes you have with other students will keep you focused on your college work load.

8. Review Web Sites: There are numerous online sites to find encouragement needed. Some sites offer helpful reviews on the professors you'll be learning from next year. And others can give you some inspirational thoughts and will help you to focus on college work.

9. Prepare for Your Return: Purchase any necessary college supplies and materials during your winter break. Getting a head start before you return to school can help you achieve early success. After all, opportunity is best met with preparedness.

10. Review all class materials: Be prepared to begin the semester with a zeal for learning. Working hard and studying for upcoming classes will bring much success with it. Working for good grades and striving to do your best are two great New Year's resolutions for you to have. Try to work for excellence.

The mentioned tips will help you to stay focused on college during winter break. They can help you strive for returning back to college refreshed, be current on work, and be ready to learn more.

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