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The Impact Volunteers have on the Progression of Foreign Aid

The aim of foreign aid is to try to redress some of the global imbalance of wealth by combatting the effects of poverty in the developing world. But it is not just about providing money; it’s about sharing skills and helping these countries build up a sustainable, locally-managed infrastructure. It is in this objective that volunteers can play such an important role. What Do Volunteers [Continue Reading]

Avoid Passport Perils! Are You Going to Forget These Important Documents on Your Next Holiday?

When you’re in a foreign land, you’ll need to take some important documents with you. These documents, will serve a variety of purposes, some making sure you get medical cover, and some making sure you can get on a plane. Whatever the document, if it’s important in its nature, you’ll want to make sure you’ve taken the right steps in order to make sure you’ve got [Continue Reading]

Avoid High Prices at the Airport to Save Money

Airfare can be a costly purchase for traveling, but so can the airport itself. Retailers realize that, as a traveler, you often must get to the airport early to wait for your flight. Because you are held “captive” and there aren’t many options for high priced options, airports can charge high prices for food, entertainment, and other necessities. For airport prices, it also comes [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Planning a Winter Vacation in Seattle

If you’re planning an upcoming winter vacation and you’ve already been skiing in Colorado or spent Christmastime in New York, how about going to Seattle? Sure, it might not be the first place that comes to people’s mind but thanks to its many museums, its winter train tours, and the Argosy Christmas Ship Festival, it really can be one of the best winter vacations that [Continue Reading]

5 Great Pet Hotel Perks for Your Four-Legged Friend

Sending your pet to the kennel is never a fun proposition. Just because you have to travel for work or you want to go on vacation doesn’t mean your furry friend should have to suffer by getting dispatched to pet prison while you’re away. And yet, the thought of allowing a stranger into your home to pet-sit probably isn’t too thrilling, either. Luckily, there is an alternative to [Continue Reading]

5 Must-See Perth Attractions

Although Perth is one of the most populous cities in Australia, it rarely gets the same recognition as counterparts like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, for example. But the City of Light, so dubbed for the fact that residents lit their houses so that John Glenn could see the city from space in 1962 (and again in 1998) as he passed by, was listed amongst the top ten most livable cities by the [Continue Reading]

Top Tips for Cruising with Kids

Travelling with children is fun, but not always easy. Especially if you've booked your holiday on a cruise ship. There are tons of things to do and see, but just four eyes to look after your kids and take care of them. No panic and hassle, remember you're on holiday! Save your time and energy by getting from Fiumicino airport to Civitavecchia port with Cabs4Rome shared transfers, and read this [Continue Reading]

How Best to Navigate Shanghai

No megalopolis that stands on the precipice of 25 million persons can deliver on a promise of coherent logistical ease. And yet, on the whole, the likes of Seoul and Tokyo do a remarkable job. To this list we can safely and happily add Shanghai. If not quite there yet, the primary hub of the People’s Republic of China has designs on becoming a public transport model for cities of the future [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Relaxation Tips for the Nervous Flyer

Fear of flying is common. Imagine it: you are 30,000 or more feet in the air with nothing supporting the plane, but air. Not only that, but you are stuck in an airtight container for sometimes up to 6 hours – with people you don’t know. Indeed, flying in an airplane can be a nerve racking experience. However, if you need to fly for work, or if you need to fly to see your family, it may [Continue Reading]

Renting a Car in a Foreign Country: 5 Things to Consider

While there are certainly benefits to be gained by renting a car when you travel, such as the freedom to go where you want when you want, there are also bound to be drawbacks. For one thing it can be a lot more expensive to rent a car than it is to take public transportation like buses and trains, or even to utilize taxis, depending on how much you need to get around, how far you’re going, [Continue Reading]