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Europe’s Top Three Cultural Rail Holidays

European countries share a lot in common: a currency, thousands of years of culture, and easily navigable rail networks. The close proximity of countries and efficiency of Europe’s rail system make exploring easy and planning holidays even simpler; companies like Great Rail Holidays make it as simple as clicking a button once you’ve decided where to go. Here’s a [Continue Reading]

5 Fun Things to Do When You Visit Greenland

There isn’t much doubt that Greenland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. However, it should be noted that the etymology of the name itself comes from the nation’s very first settler, named Erik the Red, who was exiled there from Iceland. He named the world’s largest island Greenland in the hopes that people would visit, but those who rowed up to its icy shores quickly [Continue Reading]

5 Great Attractions in Iceland

Poll a dozen Americans for ideas of where to go on vacation, and you’ll probably hear a lot of the same suggestions. Party people will tell you to check out Las Vegas or Amsterdam. The cultural travelers will probably suggest New York City or London. Those that prefer natural beauty will say New Zealand’s where it’s at, while locals will lean towards Colorado or New Mexico. While [Continue Reading]

Top Europe Travel Tips

Europe is a popular holiday destination for people from around the globe. The sheer amount of culture rich history, changing scenery and proximity of one country to the next makes it a prize holiday location for people from all walks of life. Here are a number of tips designed to ensure you have the best possible time. Plan With Reason – It might seem small when you look at it on the map, [Continue Reading]

Tips, advice and things you need to know when going on a cruise to Aruba

Aruba's official motto is 'One Happy Island' and it is certainly hard not to get swept up in the feel-good atmosphere of this most scenic of Caribbean hot spots. Even the beautiful beaches that surround the island form the shape of a smile matched only by the smile on the faces of those lucky enough to be relaxing on these pristine strips of sand. Known as something of a playground for the rich, [Continue Reading]

European Holidays - The Grand Tour

For centuries, the Grand European Tour was an opportunity for young Americans and western Europeans to head out and explore everything the continent had to offer. The Tour was originally an educational exercise, in which Europe's young elite would spend up to four years travelling - seeing sights, learning languages and experiencing different cultures. The tradition began in the sixteenth [Continue Reading]

’One of a Kind’ Luxury Hotel in London

London is a world city, full of colour and contrasts. Packed full of some of the world’s most recognisable clichés – black cabs, red post boxes and double-decker buses – there are sights here that everyone wants to see at least once in their lives. From Buckingham Palace to the glittering golden spires of the Houses of Parliament and the dark corridors of the ghost-filled [Continue Reading]

A Guide to the Best Restaurants for Skiers in Meribel, France

Dining on the slopes of Meribel? The French Alps ski resort of Meribel is the place to be in Europe for tourists on a skiing holiday, but no holiday could possibly complete without good dining on the slopes. Though you may find many restaurants and places to grab a bite both in Meribel as well as the places around it, the following options have been researched and selected for your utmost [Continue Reading]

Hiking in Mallorca, Spain

A holiday to Mallorca generally conjure up images of cheap package holidays and high rises and is often overlooked as a relaxing holiday destination. However with a London to Mallorca flight time of around two hours and 300 days of sunshine per year it’s the perfect place for a sunshine boost. Relishing the chance to have a cheap week in the sun with a bit of exercise and delicious food and [Continue Reading]

Marseille: A City Alive With Charm, Vibrancy And Culture

Marseille is the second largest city of France after Paris and third largest metropolitan area after Paris and Lyon. The thirty thousand year old city is famous for its trading, culture and business; its sea port is the largest in France. Marseille features in more than twenty five Hollywood movies. Marseille has many tourist destinations which attracts more than a million visitors every year. [Continue Reading]