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Holiday Spending and Travel Savings

Leisure spending provides one of the discretionary areas of purchasing where people get to choose how their money is spent.  Food, housing, and other routine costs of living are not going away any time soon, so holiday planning and fun family trips are seen as rewards for all the hard work that goes in to maintaining healthy family finances. Travel means different things to different people, [Continue Reading]

Renting a Car in a Foreign Country: 5 Things to Consider

While there are certainly benefits to be gained by renting a car when you travel, such as the freedom to go where you want when you want, there are also bound to be drawbacks. For one thing it can be a lot more expensive to rent a car than it is to take public transportation like buses and trains, or even to utilize taxis, depending on how much you need to get around, how far you’re going, [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Planning a Memorable Golf Vacation

Do you love hitting the course and playing a game of eighteen holes every chance you get? Chances are that you would really love a golf vacation. There are a multitude of places across the world that offer breathtaking golf experiences. If you are tired of hitting balls in the course near you, there is a strong probability that you would greatly enjoy taking your clubs and getting on a plane to [Continue Reading]

Holidays with a Difference

Sometimes, the usual beach holiday can become mundane and we look to alternatives to entertain us whilst we enjoy a much-needed break from everyday life. For those that are lucky enough, a yearly holiday is a common occurrence and this creates an even bigger need to find a break with a difference. Different countries are able to offer unusual activities, sights to see and experiences to enjoy, [Continue Reading]

5 Popular Outdoor Adventure Travel Activities

If you’ve got a thirst for travel you’ll find all sorts of vacation packages and tourism opportunities that most people in your life would book in a heartbeat. But you’re a little bit different. You’d much rather climb rocks than sit in a spa, would prefer to see London from those arcane underground sewers than from the window of a plush bed and breakfast and are more [Continue Reading]

The Longest Long-haul Flights Around the World

An ultra long-haul flight is defined as one lasting over 15 hours non-stop, and there are several commercial passenger flights currently in operation which last for several hours more. A number of airlines announced cancellation of their ultra long-haul routes in 2012, with the high cost of airline fuel and the economic downturn being cited as reasons for the cuts. Thai Airways’ Bangkok to [Continue Reading]

How to Prepare For a Holiday in Malia

Situated in Crete, Malia is a well-known party hotspot that draws in thousands of tourists each year. If you’re looking to let your hair down, dance until the early hours of the morning and have a fantastic experience you’ll never forget, this is definitely the destination for you. While it is predominantly a clubbing hotspot, there are some quieter parts of the town that are more [Continue Reading]

How to Plan an Inexpensive Family Beach Vacation

While many families dream of taking an exotic beach vacation that allows them to frolic in the sand and surf, partake of water sports, and sample delicious cuisine, most simply don’t have the budget to pay for plane tickets, lodgings, food, and transportation for the whole family when it comes to luxurious destination travel plans. Still, if you set aside some money and start your planning [Continue Reading]

5 Hot Trends in Green Travel

Did you know that carbon emissions from airplane travel have increased by almost 90% over the past 20 years? This dramatic increase is not only indicative of the environmental impact that humans have when they travel, but also of the impact that our various modes of transportation have – especially when there are significantly greener options available. Many companies, including some of the [Continue Reading]

The 5 Most Romantic Cities for Couples to Visit

If you are looking to escape the everyday routine for a romantic and memorable trip, look no further than these 5 romantic spots. When deciding upon a romantic location for you and your love, you want to find a location that will offer unique dining, spectacular views, plenty of activities and shops, as well as a comfortable vibe. Here are 5 of the most romantic cities for couples to visit. No [Continue Reading]